U.S. Government FICAM Solution

Identiv’s award-winning, APL-certified, end-to-end U.S. Government FICAM Solution was developed to implement a simple, affordable FICAM-compliant solution with optimal performance.

Hirsch Means Faster and Less Expensive

In today’s physical access world, existing Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) solutions are expensive, slow, and increasingly difficult to set up. Our Hirsch conceptual approach to FICAM and the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 Topology Categories addresses your current PACS Infrastructure, Validation System, and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Readers. It’s faster and less expensive than the competition.

With Hirsch Velocity Software, any of the thousands of doors or portals in the government space can be easily upgraded to FICAM compliance without the cost and hassle of a forklift upgrade, as we leverage virtually all of existing Hirsch system infrastructure, including Hirsch Mx-8 Controllers, uTrust TS Government Readers, SNIB3, and REB8. Need to replace non-compliant systems? You’ll still find our solution extremely cost-effective and quick to deploy. We don’t rely on third-party hardware or software for certificate processing or Enterprise Physical Access Control System (EPACS) solutions.

Cyber-Secure Freedom Access Control

Identiv’s Freedom Access Control security solution is also approved as a fully-compliant FICAM solution under the program’s PACS 13.02 topology. Freedom provides the U.S. federal government with the best, frictionless access control and authentication solution on the market today. The beauty and strength of a software-defined physical security perimeter eliminates complex control panel configurations and replaces them with technology that communicates over encrypted IP-network protocols.

Fully compliant with FIPS-201 and HSPD-12, Freedom encrypts all data to eliminate the opportunity for cyber threats, ensuring a high level of security is maintained. Network complexity and upfront costs are immediately reduced due to a reduction in hardware and infrastructure investments, allowing users to meet strict budget requirements, and experience immediate and long-term return-on-investment.

All of Identiv’s FICAM solutions can be found on the GSA’s Approved Products List (APL).


Hirsch FICAM Overview

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Identiv’s conceptual approach to FICAM is faster and less expensive than the competition.

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NIST 800-171 Compliance

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