Hirsch Velocity Software

Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity Software security management system provides the security and functionality expected from high-end systems with the ease-of-use found in entry level packages.

Identiv Hirsch Velocity Software

One door or 100? Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity can manage. Literally.

Compliant Access Control and Security Operations

Hirsch Velocity Software is an integrated platform that manages access control and security operations in thousands of different facilities, from single high secure rooms to multi-building, multi-location campuses, with the most stringent security compliance.

It’s All Under Control

Control doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators, and other equipment, monitor users as they move around a facility, prevent unwanted access, maintain compliance, and provide a robust audit trail.

Velocity 3.6

The latest version of this next-generation software platform is designed to deliver unsurpassed security, interoperability, backwards compatibility, and the ability to expand to accommodate the evolution of security technology and business and facility needs.

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