Meet our fearless leaders, the Identiv Management Team.
Steven Humphreys

Steven Humphreys

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Steven Humphreys was appointed Identiv CEO in September 2015 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1996. Mr. Humphreys served as Chairman of the Board from September 2013 until September 2015, as Lead Director from May 2010 until April 2013, and as Chairman of the Board of Directors from April 2000 to March 2007 and from July 1996 to December 1996. Mr. Humphreys also served as President from July 1996 to December 1996 and as Chief Executive Officer from December 1996 to April 2000.

Previously, Mr. Humphreys served as Chief Executive Officer of Flywheel Software, Inc., a privately held, location-based mobile taxi app company. From October 2008 until its acquisition by SMSC in February 2010, Mr. Humphreys served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Kleer Corporation, a semiconductor provider of wireless audio technology. From October 2001 to October 2003, he served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of ActivCard Corporation, a publicly listed company and provider of digital identity solutions. He rejoined the board in 2007, serving until December 2010. Mr. Humphreys served as President of Caere Corporation and spent ten years with General Electric Company in a variety of positions. Currently, Mr. Humphreys also serves on the Board of Summit Public Schools, a charter school system with schools across California and Washington state.

Mr. Humphreys holds a B.S. degree from Yale University and M.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Stanford University. Mr. Humphreys brings to the Company his many years of experience as an executive officer of technology companies ranging from startups to public companies and as senior management within large multinationals. His continued involvement with emerging technologies, venture and angel investing, as well as his knowledge of the U.S. investment markets, and the wider technology and management communities, are relevant to Identiv’s success.

Sandra Wallach

Sandra Wallach

Chief Financial Officer

Sandra Wallach was appointed Identiv Chief Financial Officer in February 2017.

Prior to joining Identiv, Ms. Wallach was the VP Finance for MiaSole, a thin film solar technology company, where she was responsible for all aspects of accounting, insurance, valuations, treasury, audit, and financial planning and analysis, as well as CFO for subsidiary Global Solar. Prior to that, she served as CFO of San Francisco-based UBM Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of UBM LLC, and VP Finance at Juniper Networks (from 2008 – 2011) as well as holding different financial management positions with Intuit (2003 – 2007). Before joining Intuit, Ms. Wallach served as CFO of General Electric’s (GE) Industrial Systems, Drives & Controls division. Previously, she held a range of financial and management positions since joining GE in 1986.

Ms. Wallach holds a B.A. in Economics and Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (GE), certified in Change Management (DMAIC, DFSS), and has been nominated to serve as Corporate Leader in Diversity, on Women’s Networks, and in Community Service.

Dr. Manfred Mueller

Dr. Manfred Mueller

COO and General Manager, Smart Card Readers and Transponders

Dr. Manfred Mueller was named Chief Operating Officer of Identiv in September 2013. As a result of the diverse roles he has held at Identiv – including sales, marketing, product management, business development, and investor relations – he has a deep understanding of the company’s technology, markets, customers, stakeholders and operations.

Dr. Mueller joined Identiv in 2000 and has been an Executive Officer since 2006. Most recently, he headed Identiv’s global products business. Before joining Identiv, Dr. Mueller was responsible for strategic investments, product development, and M&A activities for BetaResearch GmbH, the digital TV division of the German Kirch Group.

Dr. Mueller holds M.S. and Ph.D degrees in Chemistry from Regensburg University in Germany and an M.B.A. from the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mark Allen

Mark Allen

General Manager, Physical Access Systems

Mark Allen was appointed Identiv General Manager, Physical Access Systems in January 2016. Mr. Allen has been with Identiv since 2003, most recently in a product manager role. He has more than 29 years of practical experience in technology at start-ups and public companies, ranging from programming, software development, and engineering to business development, R&D, and operations.

Prior to joining Identiv, Mr. Allen was Founder and President at Preferred Business Solutions Inc. from June 1999 to September 2003. Prior to Preferred Business Solutions, he served as VP Engineering at Access 360. from August 1994 to June 1999. His previous positions also include Software Development Manager at The Orange County Register and Lead Programmer Analyst at Security Pacific Financial Services.

Mr. Allen majored in Computer Science, Math, Commerce, and Physics at Kings Norton in the United Kingdom.

Matthew Herscovitch

Matthew Herscovitch

CTO and General Manager, Access Readers and Credentials

Matthew (Matt) Herscovitch, Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for charting Identiv’s technology roadmap and driving its implementation through process and product innovation. Mr. Herscovitch combines broad and deep knowledge of software as a service and technologies relevant to the security industry.

Mr. Herscovitch joined Identiv in 2011 with the acquisition of idOnDemand, a pioneering provider of smart card-based identity solutions delivered via a cloud service. At both idOnDemand and Identiv, Herscovitch led development efforts for Identiv’s cloud-based identity management service. Previously, he was a software architect at ActivIdentity, a provider of identity assurance and strong authentication solutions, and at Protocom Development Systems, Inc., an identity management software security business.

Mr. Herscovitch earned a B.A. from the Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of New England.

Edward MacBeth

Edward MacBeth

Vice President of Sales

Edward MacBeth joined Identiv in June 2017 as Vice President of Sales. Mr. MacBeth has over 20 years of experience in technology sales, business development, and marketing, and has developed and executed go to market strategies that include direct selling, OEM, systems integrators, VAD/VAR, and strategic partnerships.

Prior to joining Identiv, Mr. MacBeth held executive leadership roles at ActivIdentity, enabling government identity solutions globally, TiVo, the creator of personal television, and SCM Microsystems, Inc., expanding the adoption of smart card technology. Mr. MacBeth developed sales expertise in the areas of SaaS, cloud, IT Infrastructure, information security, consulting, and managed services at Oracle, EMC, Symantec, and Apple.

Mr. MacBeth holds a BS from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and an MBA from San Jose State University.


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